Voici pourquoi nous existons !

Pour qui existons-nous?

The Check6 Media Health Network was created with the intention to improve the communication between clinics and their patients. With time, our network has attracted a wide array of businesses that wanted to communicate their products and services with our audience.

Today, we are proud to broadcast a variety of informative, educational and entertaining programming.

Who benefits from our services?

Medical facilities benefit from our internal signage to improve their communication with patients. We also help local, regional and national businesses reach their target market. Moreover, we also provide an ideal platform for associations and specialists to broadcast their content to the local communities that we reach each day.

Is our network for you?

You have a product, service or message to broadcast.

You want another tool to reach potential clients.

You have a clinic that wants to improve their patient experience during wait times.

If yes, Check6 Média is for you!







Check6 Média – Réseau de la santé fait partie du “Canadian Health Media Network” (CHMN)