We have packages for every budget!

You can broadcast in our network for only a couple dollars per day.

Attract targeted clients with a captivating message

Thanks to our internal graphic design team, you can broadcast a targeted digital ad that showcases your business in an efficient and original way.

Influence household decision makers

How can consumers buy your products and services if the’ve never heard of you?
Tell them why they should do business with your company. They’ll retain your brand much better on our screens than they would with a static ad.

Share your product and service offerings

Tell your story. Showcase the products and services that distinguish you from your competitors.
Share your offer.

Broadcasting sample

Reach consumers that live, work, and shop locally.

Choose Check6 Media to market your business.

We collaborate with hundreds of businesses (like yours) to help reach a local, regional or national clientele. Capitalize on the long wait times to reach your potential clients.

Digital advertising in waiting rooms differentiates itself from traditional advertising because of our content programming. More than 50% of our air time is reserved for varied content spots, including: educational content, weather, local news, and internal information for the hosting clinic. Our content partners and internal staff ensure that they develop and broadcast captivating content for our viewers.

Dare to compare!

Check6 Media gives you the opportunity to reach your customers in a trusted and dynamic environment. We collaborate with hundreds of companies (just like yours), with the goal of acquiring a local or national clientele, to increase their notoriety as well as to promote their products and services to the consumers they target.


  • +than 300 broadcast locations
  • Your ad played every 15 or 30 minutes, all day long!


  • A daily renewed audience
  • Demographic profile defined
  • Trusted medical environment


  • Choose the locations that best reach your target market
  • Broadcast your message in French or English
  • Quickly update your ad’s message


Some advertising spots

Why digital advertising?

Advertising in video form allows for greater retention of your message and services compared to traditional, static media. The dynamic display makes it possible to broadcast a communication generating a strong impact thanks to its dynamic and animated appearance.

Why target medical waiting rooms?

Benefit from a renewed clientele every day. This gives you access to a new audience pool on a daily basis to expose your brand, your business and your services.

The waiting time in the field of health is prolonged, long and annoying. Patients are looking to be entertained while waiting. This creates an excellent opportunity to get in touch with them.

Which type of companies can broadcast an advertising message?

Whether your company offers services or products related to health and well-being or not, you can be part of our program. Certainly, health-related businesses will have a special time to connect with a patient when he or she is healthy.

Your company is located near one of our clinics or want to develop a local clientele? This is the moment to make it known locally in a dynamic way.

Your company is aimed at a regional or national clientele?

Find out about becoming a national partner across our network

You business must leverage on trust to promote a product or service?

Patients are in a trusted medical environment, they will certainly have more confidence in a message broadcast in their doctor’s waiting room than if it is broadcast otherwise. Especially since we rigorously choose the most credible and trusted companies for our program

Do I have to own a video ad to be part of the broadcast program?

Our design team can tailor a video capsule to your corporate image.
Do you have video equipment on hand? Perfect, we will adapt it to this media to make sure your ad has an impact of thunder!
Do you work with an agency? Without worry! We work with several agencies to plan and design your message.