HWN Media is now the Check6media Health Network



The Check6 media HEALTH NETWORK is a thriving company firmly established in targeted niche markets of Eastern Canada, delivering a premium multi-media and marketing service for business both small and large. The Check6 media HEALTH NETWORK of health care professional subscribers includes multi-practice medical centres, primary care facilities, Family Health Centres as well as medical laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound clinics. We believe that by blending all of these areas together we will be able to offer our target market new and exciting ways to better themselves and those around them. The Check6 media HEALTH NETWORK is also involved with the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation and plans to continue its efforts to make our community a better place.


Content Creation

We have onsite professionals who can create videos and animations....
Our network of creative minds will help you develop the message you want. Even if your objective is to deliver content to reduce perceived waiting time while entertaining your customers, we can help. The Check6 media HEALTH NETWORK is dedicated to delivering the finest quality product and service. Quality is not just another goal, it is a guiding principle that we firmly believe and depend on for future growth.



What is your programming about?
The Check6 media Health Network programming is centered around upbeat and interesting health-related adverts and segments. These are complemented by updates of news, weather and health tips along with local facility messaging to benefit visitors, patients and staff of the facility.
Why should I consider the Check6 media Health Networkfor my ad campaign?
The Check6 media Health Network reaches a large audience of healthcare consumers at the point of care in an uncluttered media environment. Often wait times exceed 20 minutes, healthcare waiting rooms offer advertisers an optimal environment.
What type of digital commercials does the Check6 media Health Network accept?
The Check6 media Health Network can accept all kinds of commercials including standard broadcast commercials (:15, :30, & :60 spots) and infomercials. We can also create custom video or static messages for advertisers.
How do I buy commercial time on the Check6 media Health Network?
Commercial time on the Check6 media Health Network can be purchased in all areas, including main lobbies, waiting rooms and corridors. Call us at 514-794-4251 to speak with a sales representative.
What types of research can the Check6 media Health Network offer advertisers to show ROI?
Feel free to contact us to obtain the latest case studies.


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